jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Tough to die

  • He finally understood, under the deep dark of the fallin' skies. Trough his constant and metodic maniac search, for him to know, no outcome will ever como to know. Whatever the reason his goal was unreachable, whenever his heart couldnt take it anymore. Fought for freedom, fought for a reason, fought for a love. To never betray anyone, most important to not self betray, it was his honesty the greates wound, and his skills the weakest point.
  • Tough to die, he tried, he bled and he persisted. Always a smile upon his face, and a hand to cover the scars. Never minded the dirt when in penetrated into the wounds, never complained, never no one saw him cry. It was silence his beloved friend, and his lover was always the night. He finded the mercy and tender of solitude, he abandoned himself to the friends no one else wanted to have.
  • Often alongside his friends, he tried to sneak into the outter paths. To just see and never trust, the more he saw the less he believed. It was never a place he could belong, no matter how much he ever tried to be a part of. The truth is one to us all, and it will remain that way. Trough those times he, tough to die.
  • Solitude and quietness are not budys you can trust, they hang around along the brightness of the mind, but they will fade away as you get close to the deeper depths. Into yourself, there will not be something frightfull. Is this the past someone ever wanted to walk?, so eager to be part of that outter realm, that eager ate him bite by bite, scream by scream, tear by drop of blood. By that time he, tough to die.
  • Like he always had, he used himself to be apart, he draw his own way trough the jungle and desert. He awaited for the confort to fall from the skyes, he collected all his wounds and carried it with pride. Into a shining moment of enlighting, a choosen moment set by default. He never planned any move, he never expected to be what everyone despise. But also there was reason, there was a stolen secret from his eyes. In a silent dark night into the age of darkness we need to pass, he walked alone into the clouds of abandon. He went in front of the storm.
  • He, tough to die, he needed to cacht a bolt.
  • There was always a smile across his eyes.